Website Design

For Information Technology Professionals

Tom Worthington FACS

Visiting Fellow, Department of Computer Science, the Australian National University, and Director, Tomw Communications Pty Ltd, Canberra

For Internet, Intranet, and Document Systems (COMP3400/COMP6340), May 2002

Note: 2005 Version now available


  1. Introduction
    • The Discipline of Web Site Design
      • What is the World Wide Web?
      • The web can be summarized
      • The ACS Core Body of Knowledge
    • Elements of Web Site Design
      • Designing Navigation Systems: Examples
      • Conceptual Design
      • Structure Charts and Site Maps
    • Worthington Methodology for Quick Web Site Design
      • To quickly turn a conventional book or report into a web site
      • Examples of quick sites
  2. WebML: modeling language for designing Web sites
    • Introduction to WebML
    • Data Content
    • Entities
    • Attributes
    • Keys
    • Data Types
    • IS-A Hierarchies
    • Relationships
    • Complex Example
  3. Guidelines for Site Design
    • Aspect Ratio and Display Size
    • Layout
    • Text
    • Images
    • Color
    • Links
  4. SOCOG Olympic Web Site and the Disabled
    • For slides see: "Olympic Failure: A Case for Making the Web Accessible", Internet Society Conference, 8 June 2001, Stockholm.
  5. The Web on Small Screen: I-mode phones and Interactive TV
    • I-mode
      • Compact HTML
      • An example of an I-mode web site
      • People's Daily - I-mode
    • Interactive TV
      • ATVEF
      • Web-t and iTV
      • Typical Small Device
      • Diagram of Screen sizes
      • WebTV STB Emulator


The World Wide Web (Web) is a computer application which has become very popular. It provides a network of information resources, a uniform naming scheme for locating the resources, protocols for accessing them and hypertext navigation among the resources. Information technology professionals have decades of experience with computers and telecommunications. As web sites become larger and more complex IT professionals can contribute their experience into how to build such systems. IT professionals also need to learn about how graphic designers, librarians, journalists and marketers build web sites, to be able to design software for them.

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