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Issued: 26 August 1995 - ACS host of the 14th World Computer Congress

Computer Society passes ACT Internet home page to ACT Government

The Australian Computer Society on Friday 25 August, handed administration of the ACT Government's home page to the ACT Department of Urban Services. The ACT Government "home page" was established in February by the Australian Computer Society, at the request of the ACT Chief Minister's Department. The new home page gives an expanded range of information about the ACT Government and Canberra, which is available world wide, via the Internet.

Tom Worthington, Director of the ACS Community Affairs Board, developed and maintained the home page on behalf of the ACT Government. He welcomed the changeover, as heralding a new era with Canberra having one of the most Information Superhighway-aware governments and the most pro-active partnership between government, industry, academia and community for development of the Information Superhighway.

However Mr. Worthington cautioned that the ACT Government had an obligation to ensure that there were sufficient resources to maintain a high quality presentation of up-to-date on-line information, for use both by Canberra residents and by the millions of people world-wide who will be visiting Canberra via the Internet:

"With the concentration of information technology talent in Canberra, in government agencies, companies and our academic institutions, we have built a presence on the Internet which is admired and envied world wide. The ACT Government has a pivotal role to play in co-ordinating the efforts of Canberra's cyber-citizens. The ACS will be providing a focus for these activities, by hosting the 14th World Computer Congress at the National Convention Centre in September 1996. The world's top information technology professionals will be converging on Canberra and we will be linking the world into the conference venue via the Internet. The ACS will continue to provide advice and assistance to the community on this exciting new technology."
The new address for the ACT Government home page is:

The ACS will continue to maintain its guide to ACT cultural events on the Internet at:

Details of the IFIP'96 14th World Computer Congress are available at:

ABOUT THE ACS: The Australian Computer Society is the professional association in Australia for those in the computing and information technology fields. It was established in 1966. The Society has over 15,000 members and on a per capita basis is one of the largest computer societies in the world.

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