Tom Worthington

Hello Relaxation?

Goodbye Web Work Worry?

The world is worried that work is changing. Small businesses and big corporations look at the Internet and ask: "What is the web doing to my business?"

Fictional descriptions of road warriors using their laptops in cyber-cafes will not help you run your business on-line. You need practical down-to-earth advice: what will work, what will not, what is worth paying money for.

Computer, telecommunications and software companies are out to exploit the uncertainty, to convince you to spend more. But the information age is about doing more. You can work smarter, save stress and save money by working on-line, the right way.

Tom Worthington is an e-business consultant with 17 years experience at inventing the information age for the Australian Government. He actually has sat in cyber-cafes working, but also board rooms, research institutes, Government offices and military command centers.

Tom Worthington's book Net Traveller can help you learn how to relax, work and live on-line. You can read it free on the Internet or order a copy from the Australian Computer Society (ph: 02 6247 4830). Royalties from the first edition are donated to the charity Technical Aid to the Disabled.

From 1 August 1999, Tom Worthington's expertise is available for the first time to you. If you want to relax on-line, then contact Tom Worthington now.

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Ph: 0419 496150 International: +61 419 496150

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