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by Tom Stoppard

22-25 November 1995

From the author of The Real Thing and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Comes the most ambitious and intelligent play to emerge from Britain in the last decade.

Arcadia In his elegant and dazzlingly elaborate new play, Tom Stoppard weaves together time, memory, science, love....and horticulture.

In the beautiful ancestral home of Sidley Park, poets, tutors academics and lovers roam the corridors 184 years apart, each divining their own particular mystery.

"This is great theatre. You must see it!" Telegraph Mirror

"Entrancingly intellectually exhilarating play of ideas." The Australian

Helen Morse & John Gaden
Also Starring
Michelle Doake, Paul English, Paul Goddard, Jane Harders
Gabriel Andrews, Patrick Blackwell, Peter Collingwood, Patrick Frost, Nicholas Garsden, Sarah Lambert
Gale Edwards
Sydney Theatre Company by arrangement with the Royal National Theatre, London
From 22-25 November 1995
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