Internet in Government - for IT Practitioners

Tom Worthington

Presentation to the AUUG Sixth Annual Canberra Conference
15 February 1995

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The views expressed in this paper are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Department of Defence, Commonwealth of Australia or the Australian Computer Society.

How can IT people make the Internet be useful in Government?

Changes in the way organisations work come about through the actions of individuals:

Promise of the "InfoBahn" & transforming Australia

Internet method
An anarchic process of development and working

Turning the hype into reality

Convention wisdom for networking an organisation:

Doesn't translate for implementing Internet technology.

Some things that do work are:

Reconciling bureaucratic culture & the Internet


Building the new culture

Commonwealth Internet Reference Group provides an excellent model:

Comments from Commonwealth Internet Reference Group meeting on 3 February::


Much of the benefit from the InfoBahn transforming our culture, business and Government, is available now through the Internet. The hype can be turned into reality. Traditional bureaucratic culture can accept the anarchic ways of the Internet, and benefit from them, with a little effort..