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In this exercise you will first analyze and then edit a Wikipedia entry for an Australian Commonwealth Government agency.

First select a a government entity from the Wikipedia "List of Australian Commonwealth Government entities" and open the Wikipedia page for that entity.

  1. What are the major headings and subheadings used for the information?
  2. Is the first paragraph a good summary? Are there factual errors in the document?
  3. Is the wording appropriate (too technical, colloquial, correct spelling)? Do the words you fond in the search exercise occur in the article?
  4. Does the Wikipedia layout make the information easy to read? Is the colour scheme appropriate?
  5. Is the city logo used the correct one? Are the photos appropriate?
  6. View the HTML source code of the web page. Which version of HTML is used? What keywords, if any, occur in the head of the document? What are the description, title, author and date?
  7. View the same web page adapted for mobile phone by Google. This shows the page without graphics and CSS styles. Is it readable?
  1. Click on the link to the Government entity's web site. Find a media release, report, or other new document which is on the entity's web site but not mentioned in the Wiki.
  2. Add an external reference to the new document in the Wiki entry. As an example, see "New South Wales Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme". Enter an "edit summary" and save the change.
  3. Examine the page to see your change (others might have made other changes in the interim).
  1. Search for government blogs which mention "Australian Government", using the Google Blog Search. How many are there? How many are from federal government entities?
  2. Select a blog to look at. How does the tone and wording differ from the Wikipedia?
  3. How does the layout and structure of the blog differ from the Wikipedia?
  4. Who wrote the Blog? What for?
  1. Search for government Podcasts. Click on "play" to listen to the audio. What is the podcast about? What could this technology be used for?
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