Electronic Document Management
27 October 2007
Electronic Document Management
Writing Period: 1 hour
Study Period: 5 minutes
Permitted Materials: Internet access

1. Answer all questions.
2. The questions have equal value.
3. Marks for each part are indicated.
4. Be precise.
5. Avoid long-winded answers.
6. Answer clearly and legibly.
7. Copy and paste this question sheet and insert your answers after each question.

QUESTION 1 [25 marks]

Examine the http://www.australia.gov.au/ web page:

(a) What are three of the major headings used for the information? [6 marks]
(b) Is the wording appropriate (too technical, colloquial, correct spelling)? [6 marks]
(c) Select VIEW > PAGE SOURCE in the web browser to view the HTML source code of the http://www.australia.gov.au/ web page:
(i) Which version of HTML is used? [3 marks]
(ii) What metadata standard is used to record the "Date.valid" in the document? [4 marks]
(iii) The function of the web page is described as being "Information dissemination; Collection access; Website development; Electronic publishing". What metadata standards are these terms related to? [6 marks]

QUESTION 2 [25 marks]

On 26 October 2007 the Australian Labor Party announced a reform of freedom of information laws:

"MERGE privacy protection and freedom of information in a new Office of the Information Commissioner to streamline and fast-track information policy across government. ..."

From: Rudd to break secrecy code, MICHAEL OWEN, News Limited, October 27, 2007 02:15am

Assume you are preparing a briefing document for the new ALP government on how to implement the policy:

(a) Explain why it will be important for the new Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC) to keep records. [6 marks]

(b) What will the organization use records for? [6 marks]

(c) Why is good record keeping important? [6 marks]

(d) Provide two short quotes explaining electronic document/records management from the "NAA" and include the reference to where the quotes are from. [7 marks]

QUESTION 3 [25 marks]

The Australian Senate requires each government department and agency to provide an indexed list of all relevant file on its web site. A web search for such files finds more than 100,000 web pages:

(a) What implications does this activity have for the efficiency, security of government records? [6 marks]

(b) What are the implications for the privacy of personal and corporate records? [6 marks]

(b) Assume that a government wide interface to these records is to be coordinated by the new Office of the Information Commissioner. How might electronic document management techniques be used to improve this process? [6 marks]

(c) Why should email records and internal government web pages be included (or not included) in the listing of files? [7 marks]

QUESTION 4 [25 marks]

Assume that the new Office of the Information Commissioner is to accept requests for access to government information on behalf of all government agencies and pass the found documents back to the citizens in electronic form using a web based system. Consider how Digital Preservation Tools and Standards could be used to implement the system:

(a) What would the Recordkeeping Metadata Standard for Commonwealth Agencies be used for? [8 marks]
(b) How could the National Archives XML Electronic Normalising of Archives (XENA) software be used? [8 marks]
(c) How could the National Archives Digital Preservation Recorder (DPR) be used? [9 marks]

4 questions, total marks 100
Available from: Saturday, 27 October 2007, 10:30 AM
Due date: Saturday, 27 October 2007, 02:45 PM