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The aim of this exercise is to get you familiar with Metadata.

  1. What elements have been added to the AGLS metadata to form the Commonwealth recordkeeping metadata set? Why?

  2. Use DSTC's Reg or Reggie metadata tools to create AGLS metadata for the following web page:

    URL: http://www.naa.gov.au/recordkeeping/gov_online/agls/summary.html

    Author: National Archives of Australia

    Rights: Copyright © Commonwealth of Australia 2000

    Title: Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS) introduction

    Subject: information management; information retrieval; business records

    Description: This page provides access to information about AGLS, including the AGLS manual and advice on implementing AGLS for Commonwealth agencies.

    Language: English

    Coverage: Australia

    Creation date: 30/03/00

Note: Both the Reg and Reggie metadata tools allow you to create AGLS metadata for the above. Reggie provides more functionality, but uses a Java applet, which may not work through some firewalls. Try Reg if you can't get Reggie to work.

Add at least one AGLS qualifier (such as a Scheme) to refine the semantics of the element set. Export the metadata to a web page in HTML 4.0 . Look at the RDF format as well and note that this contains the same metadata, but encoded as XML

See how AGLS can make the metadata record more precise by using the extra AGLS features like qualifiers and controlled vocabularies not in Dublin Core.

Compare the metadata you generated with that in the actual document. URL: http://web.archive.org/web/20070115201425/www.naa.gov.au/recordkeeping/gov_online/agls/summary.html
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