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EDM Requirements overview prepared by the students.

Electronic Document Management Requirements


Electronic Document Management is the process of tracking for their complete life cycle from creation to disposal. The term overlaps with the concepts of Records Management systems.

EDM Requirements Documents

DL1.28. Cutoff. To cut off records in a file means to break, or end, the record at regular intervals to permit disposal or transfer in complete blocks and, for correspondence files, to permit the establishment of new files. Cutoffs are needed before disposition instructions can be
applied because retention periods usually begin with the cutoff, not with the creation or receipt, of the records. In other words, the retention period normally does not start until the records have
been cut off. Cutoffs involve ending input to old files and starting input to new ones at regular intervals (Reference (f)). Cutoff is sometimes abbreviated as COFF and is also called file cutoff or file break.

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