Electronic Document Management
9 November 2007
Electronic Document Management
Supplementary Take Home Examination
Permitted Materials: Internet access

Note that all work submitted must be your own work. Any material that you wish to quote should be put in quotation marks and the source should be clearly referenced.

You can submit as many times as you want. Only the most recent submission will be retained.

Copy and paste this question sheet and insert your answers after each question.

QUESTION 1 [25 marks]

Examine the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade web page: http://www.dfat.gov.au/geo/nigeria/index.html

(a) What are three of the major headings used for the information? [6 marks]
(b) What graphics (images, drawings and photographs) are on the page? Is their use appropriate? Is there adequate text to explain what the flag shown on the page is? [6 marks]
(c) Select VIEW > PAGE SOURCE in the web browser to view the HTML source code of the web page:
(i) Which version of HTML is used? [3 marks]
(ii) What metadata standard is used to record the "DC.Language" in the document? [4 marks]
(iii) The function of the web page is described as being "Consular Services; Diplomatic missions; International affairs; international liaison; International treaty participation; Overseas promotion; Passport services; International trade agreements; Trade development programs; Treaty negotiations". What metadata standards are these terms related to? [6 marks]

QUESTION 2 [25 marks]

The Australian government introduced elelctronic passports 'ePassport' in 2005:

"The chip embedded in the centre pages stores your digitised photograph, name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, and the passport expiry date. This is the same information that appears on the printed information page of every passport.

Facial recognition technology is being introduced to coincide with the release of the ePassport. This technology will be used to improve identity verification and reduce identity-related fraud. ..."

From: The Australia ePassport, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Assume you are preparing a briefing document for an embassy setting up a computer system which will record details of the new passports:

(a) Explain why the agency will keep records of the client and their passport [6 marks]

(b) What will the agency use records for? How might a computer system make this easier? [6 marks]

(c) Why is good record keeping important? [6 marks]

(d) Provide two short quotes explaining electronic document/records management from the "NAA" and include the reference to where the quotes are from. [7 marks]

QUESTION 3 [25 marks]

wzPASS is a free Windows program that can read and display the content of Electronic Passports, using low cost hardware. Assume you are preparing a briefing document for an embassy on using wzPass as part of its system:

(a) What implications does this have for the efficiency of processing of travel documents generally? [6 marks]

(b) What are the implications for the privacy of personal records? [6 marks]

(b) Assume that the passport data will be stored in the agency's computer system along with other client data and shared across offices around the world. How might electronic document management techniques be used to improve this process? [6 marks]

(c) Why should email messages from the client be included (or not included) in the client's travel records? [7 marks]

QUESTION 4 [25 marks]

wzMRTD is free companion software to wzPASS, which can read electronic passports and store the data in an XML file for use by other software.

Here are some of the data items wzMRTD supplies:

Document number
facial image

Apart from the biometric data (facial image), these are the same items of data from the Machine Readable Passport Standard.

(a) How could the Recordkeeping Metadata Standard for Commonwealth Agencies be used to ensure this data was well cared for? [8 marks]
(b) What is the equivalent RKMS element (if any) for each of the data items shown above? [8 marks]
(c) Assume you have an XSLT transformation to convert the passport data from wzMRTD into readable a word processing document in Trim's record management system. How would you use the National Archives XML Electronic Normalising of Archives (XENA) software to preserve those records? [9 marks]

4 questions, total marks 100
Available from: Friday, 9 November 2007, 03:20 PM
Due date: Friday, 16 November 2007, 03:20 PM