Green ICT Symposium 2008
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Green ICT: Learning to be Sustainable with Computers and Broadband

9am to 12:30 pm, Friday 14th November 2008
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Room N101, Building 108
The Australian National University
North Road ANU ACT 0200


A free half day event bringing together people from academia, industry and government who are interested in environmentally sustainable uses of ICT.

A Green ICT Symposium 2009 is planned for early in the year. To be on the list for details, contact: Rachel.Allen at


In 2007 a report commissioned by the Australian Computer Society estimated that Australian computers and telecommunications were responsible for a similar level of greenhouse gas emissions as the civil aviation industry. In late 2008 Sir Peter Gershon recommended consolidating the Australian Government's data centers and developing a whole-of-government ICT sustainability plan to manage the carbon footprint of the Government's ICT activities.

Questions to Consider:
  1. How can the ICT industry reduce its own carbon footprint?
  2. How can use of ICT help reduce Australia's Carbon footprint?
  3. What role could/should ICT Professionals play in reducing Australia's Carbon Footprint?
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Senator Kate Lundy9.00am Welcome and Introduction.

By Senator Kate Lundy

Kate Lundy was elected as the Labor Senator for the Australian Capital Territory in March 1996, at age 28.

Between 1998 and 2007 Kate Lundy was a Shadow Minister, covering various portfolios throughout this time including Sport, Health Promotion, Information Technology, Local Government, Manufacturing, Consumers Affairs and Youth.

As a government Senator, Kate is an active member of several Parliamentary Committees, including Chair of the Joint Standing Committee for the National Capital and External Territories, member of the Senate Committee on Environment, Communications and the Arts, Joint Public Accounts and Audit and a Chair of the Presiding Officers’ Information Technology Advisory Committee.

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Tom Worthington

9:30am Tom Worthington, "Teaching Sustainable ICT to Professionals Online"

Tom will outline the Green ICT course commissioned for the Australian Computer Society's postgraduate program and how it may be delivered at ANU to federal government staff.

Note: This presentation was cancelled due to illness. Tom will reschedule for a presentation in the ANU seminar series. He was able to briefly mention the Green ICT course, show the Aiptek Pocket Cinema V10 projector and a copy of the book Green IT by Toby Velte.

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10am Setting up a data centre in regional Australia

Video link with Mach Technology, part of the Noosa Clever Networks project, launched 31 October by the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy and the Arts.

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10.30 am coffee break.

At the (buy your own). Located in the ANU sports centre opposite the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

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Dr Peter Strazdins

11am Dr Peter Strazdins, ANU. How much energy can you save with a multicore computer for web applications?

The new wave of aggressive multicore / multithreaded processors much more cost-effective solution for transaction-oriented applications, not wasting chip area and energy on architectural features that bring no benefit for these applications. With state-of-the-art virtualization providing high degrees of security, such a configuration can provides an efficient and flexible solution for meeting peak demand.

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11:30am Catherine Middleton Catherine Middleton, Associate Professor, Ryerson University, Are Users Up to Speed? The Demand Side of Sustainable Broadband

Despite widespread adoption of broadband technologies, many people use broadband networks in very simple ways. In order to realize sustainability benefits from investment in broadband infrastructure, efforts are needed to get users 'up to speed', so that broadband networks are more fully integrated into their daily activities. The talk draws on data from the Canadian Internet Use Survey, and implications for Australia are discussed.

Catherine Middleton is in Australia until mid December 2008 to explore what can be learned from the ongoing Australian experience for the future development of broadband infrastructure in Canada. She is keen to contact those involved in the development of broadband infrastructure in Australia and can be contacted by email catherine.middleton at

Catherine holds a Canada Research Chair studying Communication Technologies in the Information Society. Her research investigates consumer adoption of broadband and mobile technologies, and the development of broadband infrastructure. She is the Principal Investigator on a new project examining the organizational impacts of Blackberry adoption. Catherine is a faculty member at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University in Toronto.

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Dr Idris Sulaiman12:00 noon Dr. Idris F. Sulaiman, CEO, Computers Off Australia, General, technical, policy and action streams of an ICT energy saving campaign.

The paper outlines the activities of the nonprofit COA which combines four streams of work in campaigning for improving general energy efficiency and sustainability, in technical and education syllabus streams, in policy and research development and in direct action to put a spotlight on the energy-saving opportunity in PCs, servers and data centres. The vendor-neutral COA promotes certification of both free and proprietary technology to users and organisations to help them do it and for them to work toward carbon-neutral computing.

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12:30 pm Lunch.

At the Purple Pickle Cafe (buy your own).

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