Foundations of Open: Technology and Digital Knowledge Local 2020 Summit
Video of the Open 2020 summit is provided here via the ANU virtual video recorder (VVR). The video address from Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister, was pre-recorded and played at the Open 2020 summit, other video was recorded live at the Summit by George Bray. Smaller audio versions (in MP3 format) are also provided.

  1. Kevin Rudd 13M
  2. Lawrence Cram 92M
  3. Jeff Waugh 164M
  4. Darrel Burkey 122M
  5. Ken Taylor 52M
  6. Pia Waugh 158M
  7. Andrew Tridgell 125M
  8. Tom Worthington 106M
  9. Jessica Coates 136M
  10. Alan Smart 109M
  11. Tony Hill 81M
  12. Ann Steward 111M
  13. Mary OKane 31M
Audio only:
  1. 00-KevinRudd.mp3 891K
  2. 01-LawrenceCram.mp3 22M
  3. 02-JeffWaugh.mp3 20M
  4. 03-DarrelBurkey.mp3 15M
  5. 04-KenTaylor.mp3 6.4M
  6. 05-PiaWaugh.mp3 20M
  7. 06-AndrewTridgell.mp3 15M
  8. 07-TomWorthington.mp3 13M
  9. 08-JessicaCoates.mp3 17M
  10. 09-AlanSmart.mp3 14M
  11. 10-TonyHill.mp3 10M
  12. 11-AnnSteward.mp3 13M
  13. 12-MaryOKane.mp3 3.8M

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