Report Released

Electronic Document Guidelines in Australian Government Agencies

I wrote 20 January 1995:

A copy of the draft "Guidelines for Managing Electronic Documents in Australian Government Agencies" is available on the Internet at:
A "Pocket Guide to the Management of Electronic Documents in the Australian Public Service" is also available, at:

The final report, entitled "Improving Electronic Document Management: Guidelines for Australian Government Agencies" is now available from the Office of Government Information Technology (OGIT).

OGIT will be distributing copies of the report to Government agencies. Further copies can be purchased from OGIT. Contact:

Lynne Clark
Office of Government Information Technology
PO Box 3955
Manuka Canberra ACT 2603

ph: +61 6 2714832
fax: +61 6 2714899

The final report is currently only available in paper format. However the last draft is still available on the Web at

These guidelines were the last item of work for the Electronic Data Management Subcommittee and the subcommittee has been dissolved. However it is likely a new committee will be formed in the next few months under a new chair to continue the work, so further comments and suggestions would be welcome.

Tom Worthington e-mail:
(Former) Chair of the Electronic Data Management Subcommittee
& Deputy Director Information Management Plans
Information Management Branch
Department of Defence
Room APW2-1-06, Canberra ACT 2600, Australia
Fax: +61 6 2666758

31 October 1995

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