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ACT Government 1996 The first core element in a sustainable future: achieving economic vitality in Canberra, A Capital Future - ACT Strategic Plan 1996 URL:
Part of a Strategic Plan for the ACT, outlining how to ensure the Canberra region has growth and potential after the Commonwealth Government job cutbacks. Attracting IT companies to the area is part of this, and the report lists some of the advantages and disadvantages Canberra has. Importantly, it cites "perceived isolation" as an issue to overcome in order to attract companies

Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) URL:
The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) website.

Allen Consulting Group 1997. Spectator or Serious Player? Competitiveness of Australia's Information Industries, Report commissioned by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 1997. URL:
A general overview of Australian information technology industries and how they can become more competitive in a global market. Some case-studies in Appendix D on how other countries attract and retain information industries.

Bonnor 2000 The Importance Of The Information Economy To Regional Australia, Presentation To The "Developing Collaborative Strategies For Rural/Regional Service Delivery" Conference by Jenelle Bonnor, 17th February 2000. URL:
Importance of IT to regional areas, including as a new source of employment. Talks about a case-study in Walcha, NSW where a "telecottage" was established to attract data-entry work away from the major cities.

Cairns Region Economic Development Corporation Information Technology & Multimedia URL:
Outlines how the Cairns region is working to attract information technology companies (among others) to the region using the idea of "industry clustering" (

CRM Xchange 1999 Rethink Call Centers - Growth Opportunities In Europe URL:
Text of a question and answer session. The session was hosted by Onno Ponfoort, Area Director, The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and Bill Wylie,VP of KPN, Royal Dutch Telecom. The session is discussing the Netherlands as a potential site for people to locate their call centres, and details many of the things the Netherlands has to offer. It also lists the issues a company should take into account when choosing a location for a call centre.

Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts 1999 Media Release 30 November 1999 URL:
Media release by Richard Alston announcing tax breaks for information technology companies in Australia

Florio 1999 Call centers in Asia Pacific - New Study Shows Growth, Tony Florio, e-Summit, April 1999 URL:
Closely based on the ACA Research titled the "1999 Asia Pacific Call Centre Industry Report", and again mentions the disadvantages of metropolitan call centres and the potential for regional Australia to cover this shortfall.

Greater Tucson Economic Council 1996 Section Four: Targeting Industries for Business Attraction in Greater Tucson Economic Council Strategic Economic Plan, 1996  URL:
Discusses Tucson, USA strategies for attracting businesses, including identifying, prioritising and targeting desirable industries.

Haines, 2000 Web-enabled Call Centres: Harnessing the Potential, Steven Haines, Voice and Data , April 2000. URL:
Discusses the potential benefits of web-enabled call centres; some of the hurdles to this (for example, the fact that established call-centres have a harder time integrating the new technology). New direction for call centres - bringing in Web functionality allowing real-time chat, email contact and so on. Demonstrates future directions for call centres and the type of infrastructure that will be needed.

McGregor, M., Arthur, G., Morrison, C. and South, M. 1997. What is the Role for Information Technology in Sustaining Rural Western Australia? Plenary paper presented at the International Symposium on Sustainable Agricultural Technology, Beijing, China, 21-23 August 1997 URL:
This paper discusses using technology to allow residents of rural WA better access to services, and contains a section on the usefulness of information technology in attracting call centres and businesses which are "not location specific". Emphasises the need for good telecommunication infrastructure for this to work.

Moll 1999 Regional Study: The Greater Seattle Area, Patricia Moll 1999 in The Stories Behind Jobs and Growth: U.S. Regional Economic Development URL:
A case-study of the Greater-Seattle region, detailing why it has become so successful in attracting and retaining high-tech business.

National Center for Small Communities Attracting High-Speed Telecommunications in Getting Online: a guide to the Internet for small town leaders URL:
Underlines the importance of an advanced telecommunications infrastructure in attracting businesses for call centres and other technological purposes, as well as getting existing businesses online. Emphasises that telecommunications infrastructure is just as important and attractive to businesses as things like roads and schools.

Read 2000 Call Center Site Selection, Brendan B. Read, Computer Telephony Magazine, January 20, 2000. URL:
Detailing the ways to promote a labour force to relocating companies, in an American context - areas with higher unemployment are seen as more attractive places to locate a call centre, as they have a "deep pool" of people to draw on, as well as providing employment to people interested in part-time work (older people, students). Provides tips on locating call centres outside urban areas.

Regional Development Council of Western Australia 2000 A Regional Development Policy for Western Australia, May 2000 URL:
Regional Development Policy for WA. Includes information on expanding training and attracting new businesses to WA.

Western Australian Technology and Industry Advisory Council 1999 From Mines to Minds: Western Australia in the Global Information Economy, February 1999 URL:
Detailed report into the expansion of the WA industry base into technological industries.

Wood 2000 Delaware has big plans to attract IT companies, Leslie C. Wood, Philly-Tech Magazine January 2000. URL:
Details Delaware, USA initiatives to attract IT companies to the state, including a "technology park" where new businesses are housed and an "aggressive image/public relations campaign" to establish Delaware as an IT centre.


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