The Eiffel Tower - Paris

A remarkable structure: a radio antenna built before radio. Just about every sort of technology appears to have been tried on the Eiffel Tower since the day it was built. The post office, one third the way p the tower had a Minitel public terminal in it, which didn't appear to be working.

Around the corner from the Eiffel Tower I visited Fabienne Herbaut, Ingenieur Commercial, at the Paris office of BHA Computers (ph: +33 1 47835744, fax: +33 1 47835744). This is a Brisbane (Australia) based company. I was involved in the development BHA's DBQ Windows product. "BACKGROUND TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF DBQ WINDOWS "

It was interesting to see the way BHA uses their exotic Australian origins in marketing (large posters of Kangaroos and such like).

The Glass Sign in front of the Louvre Museum - Paris

Standing behind the sign was like being in a French Telephone box, they are made of glass. There is something passionate about the rational design of the public buildings and facilities of France.

The Rooftop Cafe of the Musee d'Orsay - Paris

This museum is build in a converted railway station. The Cafe has as a window an enormous clock with a glass face. The view of Paris out the window is remarkable.

Outside the Musee d'Orsay - Paris

This the other side of the same clock face. You can work out how long lunch took by comparing the time int he two photographs.

TGV Train at station - Paris

The TGV train, like the glass telephone boxes, is a temple to rational modern design. Unfortunately I couldn't get the phone on-board to work.

The slower french long distance trains have children's play grounds on board, complete with slippery-slides.