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Note: Workshop over, but see: Electronic Operations Exchange meeting

World Net Workshop:

Going beyond the Internet and Web to build the Global Network

A half-day workshop for IFIP'96, morning of Friday 6 September 1996, Canberra

The workshop will informally address issues of use of the Internet and related technologies by nations and co-ordination of efforts for a better world infrastructure. The Australian Computer Society has issued an invitation to the heads of the world's IT societies to attend.

It will form part of the 14th World Computer Congress (IFIP96). The workshop is expected to be followed by more formal meetings later in the year to discuss the construction of a global infrastructure by IT societies for improvement of use of the Internet.

The World Networking Workshop is part of IFIP'96. Cost and registration details are available from the Congress secretariat.


Tom Worthington Tom Worthington is National President of the Australian Computer Society and Deputy Director, Information management Planning, Australian Department of Defence. Tom is co-author of the ACS InfoBahn Policy, Defence Web Master and a member of the government committee preparing an architecture for access to government information. He has been described by Information Age magazine as one of the 50 most influential IT&T people in Australia.

Kate Lundy With commentary on Australian Telecommunications Regulation, by Senator Kate Lundy, member of the Senate References Committee for Environment, Recreation, Communications and the Arts.


IFIP'96 Congress Secretariat

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