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Internet Reality Check

6 to 8pm Drinks, on Thursday 6th March 1997

Corporate Lounge, National Press Club, National Circuit, Barton, Canberra

Topic: Data Security and Privacy - Who's looking at who's bits?

Special Guests: Philip DesAutels and Ralph Swick from the World Wide Web Consortium

Eric Wainwright & Philip DesAutels1 Bill D'Arcy2

  1. Eric Wainwright, NLA & Philip DesAutels, W3C
  2. Bill D'Arcy, convenor of the NPC's IM Forum, displaying a Australian Science Festival t-shirt

A special invitation is extended to delegates of the 4th Dublin Core Metadata Workshop and the Seminar on International Metadata Developments

The W3C was founded in 1994 to develop common standards for the evolution of the World Wide Web. It is an international industry consortium, jointly hosted by the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science [MIT/LCS]; the Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique [INRIA] in Europe; and the Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus in Asia.

Philip DesAutels, located at MIT, is a project manager responsible for W3C work on digital signatures and intellectual property rights. Ralph Swick joined W3C in January 1997, to focus on the Privacy and Demographics project.

Internet Reality Check (not to be confused with Internet Relay Chat) is designed so that members of the 'net community can meet and exchange the small amount of very important information which is not suitable for digital transmission. ;-)

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By Tom Worthington, President of the Australian Computer Society.
Note: This information is no longer being updated but has been retained for reference.