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Internet Reality Check

5:30pm Friday, 9 October 1998

Bar & Board Room, National Press Club, Canberra

Robert Steele

Topic: Cyber-Spooks - Open Source Information from the Internet

Special Guest: Robert Steele, President, Open Source Solutions Inc.

Channel 9 Videotaped part of the IRC for "Nightline" (Broadcast 14 October 1998)

Robert Steele being videotaped answering a question1 Marghanita da Cruz2 Robert Steele as seen on Nightline3 The IRC on Nightline4 Tom Worthington5
  1. Robert Steele being videotaped answering a question
  2. Marghanita da Cruz from Ramin Communications, pondering the answer
  3. Robert Steele as seen on Nightline
  4. The IRC on Nightline
  5. Tom Worthington on Nightline

It is now possible to collect significant amounts of information about individuals and organizations via publicly available on-line services; so called "Open Source Information" (OSI).

Robert Steele, President, Open Source Solutions Inc. will be in Canberra to speak at the Australian Defence Studies Centre sponsored Conference "Optimising Open Source Information", 7-8 October 1998.

Is OSI legal? Is it ethical? Is it useful? Is it happening? Join Robert Steele and Australia's leading Internet thinkers (and probably a few spies) to discuss the issues.

IRCs are free (but you have to buy your own drinks and one for the special guest) and open to anyone interested: just turn up. Internet Reality Check (not to be confused with Internet Relay Chat) is designed so that members of the 'net community can meet and exchange the small amount of very important information which is not suitable for digital transmission. ;-)

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By Tom Worthington, Immediate Past President, Australian Computer Society.