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5pm AEST on Wednesday 12 June 1996

Kurra's Bar - Hotel Kurrajong

Hotel Kurrajong

Internet Reality Check (not to be confused with Internet Relay Chat) is designed so that members of the 'net community can meet and exchange the small amount of very important information which is not suitable for digital transmission. ;-)

This IRC had only about six people in attendance at the Hotel Kurrajong. The change from a Friday night to mid-week, doesn't appear to have met with favour.

However we had a few visitors from the Hotel School, as well.

Rebecca Young Monika Dubaj Jamie Wodetzki Kerry Webb Hotel Kurrajong's Head Chief
  1. Rebecca Young, from Defence industrial relations (former Assistant Defence Web Administrator), wishing she brought her own hat.
  2. Monika Dubaj, Lecturer, Australian International Hotel School
  3. Jamie Wodetzki, copyright law guru at the Australian Council of Libraries and Information Services (ACLIS), also wondering why the hat.
  4. Kerry Webb, Director, Digital Library Projects, National Library of Australia and Rebecca
  5. Hotel Kurrajong's Head Chief, with the largest hat.
  6. Peter "Dry" Martini, GM of the hotel

Tony Barry and Eric Wainwright, Deputy Director-General, National Library of Australia, were around the place, but you have seen enough photos of them. ;-)

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By Tom Worthington as part of the Australia This Minute project.

Note: This information is no longer being updated but has been retained for reference.