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Internet Reality Check

5 to 7pm Drinks on Friday 17 January 1997

Kurra's Bar - Hotel Kurrajong

Topic: defence internets - they also serve who service the web servers

Special Guest: Dr. Brian Denehy, Director, IT Services, Australian Defence Force Academy

Dr. Denehy1 Bill D'Arcy & Frank Crews2 Marghanita daCruz3 Cath Hurley4 Nina5

  1. Dr. Denehy, ADFA, our Special Guest with a Grecian chorus
  2. Bill D'Arcy, IM Forum & Frank Crews, National Press Club
  3. Marghanita daCruz, Ramin Communications
  4. Cath Hurley, ABC Country Hour
  5. Nina, the wonder dog

Dr. Denehy Dr. Denehy is responsible for provision of IT Services to staff and students at Australia's Defence Force Academy (ADFA). As well as the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate students, ADFA's computer centre provides the web server for the Australian Department of Defence, including Defence Recruiting, the Minister for Defence and the home page for the recent Yachtsmen Rescue. How are the open and anarchic traditions of the Internet reconciled with the military's need for order and security? Come along and ask Brian.

Internet Reality Check (not to be confused with Internet Relay Chat) is designed so that members of the 'net community can meet and exchange the small amount of very important information which is not suitable for digital transmission. ;-)

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By Tom Worthington.
Note: This information is no longer being updated but has been retained for reference.