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The One Voice Campaign

Please send your message of support to Branko Jelan.

Please find below a form for use by members of the public who wish to send Branko Jelan a message of support in Belgrade. Messages can also be sent by fax, phone, email or letter.

Please note that CARE Australia does not condone any attacks on the Yugoslav government or its agencies, or Yugoslavs wherever they may be.

Please feel free to pass it on to family and friends and associates and place the One Voice Campaign Button on your web page!

Dear Branko

I was very happy to learn of the release from prison of your two colleagues and friends, Steve Pratt and Peter Wallace, in early September. Now the efforts of all caring people around the world will be concentrated on securing your release. Please do not give up hope. We have had success with Steve and Peter, and this gives us the motivation to continue our campaign until you are freed and can rejoin your young family.

Yours, with love


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Archive copy of web page (Version 2) - All workers now released