ACS Publishing

by Tom Worthington FACS HLM

Chair of Scholarly Publishing for the Australian Computer Society and Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University.

For the Australian Council of Professors and Heads of Information Systems (ACPHIS) Workshop 2006, 25 September 2006, Canberra


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Tom Worthington discusses work by the Australian Computer Society for publishing ICT research. He argues that the ICT discipline, which fostered the web revolution, is failing to use the technology to communicate its own research results. Tom will demonstrate developments with the ACS's journals and conference proceedings using free open sources software and digital repositories.

About the speaker

Tom Worthington is an independent IT consultant and occasional travel author. He teaches electronic publishing technology at the Australian National University. In 1999 Tom was elected a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society for his contribution to the development of public Internet policy in Australia. His book Net Traveller is available free on-line (and makes money).

Australian Computer Society

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has been publishing for thirty years in support of its mission and objects.

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Publishing at ACS

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) publishes:

JRPIT and CRPIT are peer-reviewed and available free on-line.

New ACS Digital Library

The ACS is building a Digital Library to be:

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