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Amazon.Com's affiliate program provides a way for small web content providers to earn revenue from selling books and other goods on their web sites. This is a brief overview of how to put an Amazon store on your web site. Web advertising can be used to support not-for-profit web sites, such as the ACS Digital Library.

Signing up your web site

Amazon provide an online sign up for their service and issue a code to track referrals to Amazon. Links using that code are placed in your web site and Amazon pays a commission on sales made using that code.


Amazon provides several sorts of links to its products:

  1. Product Links: These are links to one specific product. The links can have an image of the product and a description, or they can be simple text links.
  2. Omakase: Omakase automatically selects products to display. Images, or just text can be displayed. The service resembles Google's AdWords / AdSense service. You can suggest what sort of products to display (or not display), but Amazon's system makes the choice.
  3. aStore: provides a set of web pages with selected product categories listed.

Getting Paid

An important part of the Amazon's process is getting paid. When your earnings reach a specific amount, Amazon will send payment. Payment can be by paper check or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), with payment directly deposited in your bank account, in some countries.

Amazon provide the Affiliate Program on their US, UK, German, French and Japanese sites. The details of each program differ slightly, you need to separately sign up for each. The user interface for the German, French and Japanese systems are in those languages, but it is possible to all of them to build stores in languages you do not speak.


Amazon stores in: US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan.

Speciality stores:

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