Metadata and Electronic Document Management for Electronic Commerce

E-commerce Examples

Tom Worthington

Version of 2 August 2008

This item on "E-commerce Examples" is the third of a segment on "Metadata and Electronic Document Management for Electronic Commerce" first presented for the Australian National University course "Information Technology in Electronic Commerce" (COMP3410/COMP6341).

This document is intended to provide both for live group presentation and accompanying lecture notes for individual use. The Slides and these notes are provided in the one HTML document, using HTML Slidy.

E-commerce Examples

  1. Web Services Demonstration
  2. Formatting the eBAS with XSL
  1. Web services can be thought of as the transaction processing equivalent of the world wide web. The web provided a relatively easy and standardized way to create distributed hypertext. Web Services is a set of standards which aims to provide easy and standardized distributed transaction processing.
  2. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) provides specifications of an electronic versions of tax forms, including the Business Activity Statement (BAS) in relation to the Goods and Services Tax (GST). This is a demonstration of how XML transactions can be transformed into printable documents.

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