Perspectives on the Telecommunications Reform Package

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For the ATUG Focus Forum, Canberra, 14 October 2009

These are noted for the Australian Telecommunications Users Group (ATUG) is hosting "Focus Forum on 2009 Telecommunications Reform Package. This version of the presentation was prepared by Tom Worthington FACS HLM.

The forum will also be at other cities:

NBN Initiative

The high level issues

What will be the NBN's wholesale service?

At least three components:

What will be the guaranteed QoS?

Essential for the NBN to offer minimum guaranteed service levels for all service aspects within its (implementation, transmission, maintenance) to provide a basis on which retail service providers can offer QoS to their end customers, especially business customers.

NBN and national wholesale pricing?

Will the NBN offer network neutrality?

Network Neutrality (NN): no differentiation by the NBN in terms of price or performance by content source:

Transparency in the NBN business?

NBN Co needs a transparent policy decision process:

Is a new industry Ombudsman needed?

Transitional arrangements and protections

Other Perspectives

More Information

Slides for these notes are also available.

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