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Leichhardt Fire Station

The Leichhardt Fire Station of the NSW Fire Brigade held an open day, 6 May 2006 (at 1 Marion Street, Leichhardt NSW in the Sydney inner west, Australia). I took some photos of vehicles on display. The station is one hundred years old, having been opened in 19006.

Bedford Fire Truck

Bedford Fire Truck (from the Museum of Fire)?

On Thursday evening 3rd May 1886, a Public Meeting was called by the Mayor of Leichhardt in response to a petition signed by more than sixty people. The petition was a reaction to a fire in which four firemen, from the Standard Brewery Brigade, were injured on May 24th. Prior to their arrival, several ex-firemen were present at the scene. However, with a lack of equipment at hand, they could only stand by and watch the houses burn until the Standard Brewery Brigade arrived. ... the Leichhardt Volunteer Fire Brigade was formed during May 1887 ... In 1906, Leichhardt Fire Brigade moved into the current station... designed ... for horse drawn vehicles by L.E. Drew of the Government Architects Office ...

From: "Leichhardt Fire Brigade: A Brief History 1887 - 2006", Compiled by Gary Boyce, NSW Fire Brigade, 2006

Mercedes/Bronto Aerial Ladder Platform

Aerial Ladder Platform

Aerial Ladder Platform (extended)

Aerial Ladder Platform 37m (Mercedes/Bronto), with platform extended.

Body Manufacturer: Alexander Perrie & Co. Pty. Ltd.
Commissioned: 1996 - 2001 (6 Vehicles)
Crew Capacity: 2
Gross Operating Mass: 27.5 tonne
Dimensions: 11.72m (L), 3.81m (H), 2.50m (W)
Wheelbase: 5.375m

Turning Circle: 25.12m (w/w), 29.12 (w/w)
Axle Ratings: Front: 13000kg Rear: 18000kg
Engine: Mercedes Benz OM442A, 14.6l (276kW)
Maximum Torque: 1655Nm @ 1100-1500rpm
Transmission: Allison HD4060 P, 6 speed automatic

Aerial Apparatus: Bronto Skylift F37 HDT2000
Working Range: max. working height - 37m, max. side outreach - 20m, max. below ground - 5m, Working Load: 400kg

From: "Aerial Ladder Platform 37m (Mercedes/Bronto)", NSW Fire Brigades

Salvation Army's Mercedes Emergency Food Van and BBQ

Salvation Army's Mercedes Emergency Food Van

Salvation Army BBQ

Salvation Army's Mercedes Benz 313 Sprinter Emergency Van and BBQ

Just as important as the fire trucks in a major emergency are the Salvation Army Emergency Services, providng food and other support. One of the Salvos emergency vans was set up at the fire station, with a BBQ.

Mini Fire Vehicle for the Kids

Mini Fire Vehicle for the Kids

Mini Fire Vehicle for the Kids

A more fun vehicle was a mini fire engine for the kids to ride on.

Ford Falcon Ute

Ford Ute

Compare this Ford Falcon ute, with the Ford Territory of the ACT Ambulance Service Ford Territory. As the Wikipedia explains: "Ute, [pronounced as 'yute'] in Australian English and New Zealand English usage, refers to what American English refers to as a pickup truck".

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