Photographs of Tom Worthington

In Academic Regalia

Tom Worthington MEd, holding his Master of Education in Distance Education, awarded by Athabasca University (Canada), 18 January 2017. Photo by "Andre" of Reed Graduation Services, 12 July 2017: thumbnail or small or medium and High resolution version available

Launcing the Humanitarian Computing Prize

Tom Worthington launching the Humanitarian Computing Prize (see "Computing changing the world"), photo by Stuart Hay, ANU Senior Photographer, 2014.

At Blow Up the Lecture 2014

Tom Worthington at Blow Up The Lecture, ANU, Canberra, February 26, 2014, photo by David Burke

Tom Worthington at "Blow Up The Lecture", Australian National University, Canberra, February 26, 2014. High resolution version available (photo by David Burke).

At TEDx Canberra 2011

Close-up of Tom Worthington at TEDx Canberra 2011 Medium Shot of Tom Worthington at TEDx Canberra 2011

Close-up and medium shot of Tom Worthington at TEDx Canberra 2011, with High resolution version available (photo by TEDx Canberra).

Caricature from The Australian newspaper 1999

Tom Worthington

This caricature by Sydney artist Ulf Kaiser appeared on page 52 of The Australian newspaper, Tuesday 14 September 1999, in James Riley's "Ambition" column:

Webmeister throws off his camouflage

Sometime author and all-round computer head Tom Worthington has been reincarnated as an academic, following his resignation from the Defence Department.

Canberra-based Worthington has accepted an offer to be a visiting fellow in the computer science department at the Australian National University.

The former Australian Computer Society president has also become an independent contractor.

Worthington is one of our original Web masters, having been an architect of the Federal Government's Internet strategy.

He was largely responsible for introducing the Web to the battlefield, designing the first Web-based command system used by Australia's armed services during military exercises.

More recently, Worthington has become an author. His book Net Traveller is one part lonely planet guide to accessing weird sites from weird places, and one part holiday report.

As well as signing on as an academic, Worthington has launched himself into the heady world of IT consulting, specializing in the Internet.

At Exercise Tandem Thrust 97

Tom Worthington next to Australian made vehicle at Rockhampton Airport This photo was taken at Exercise Tandem Thrust 97 20 March 1997, next to an OKA 4WD vehicle. It is available in a range of resolutions:

by Heide Smith (1990s)

Formal photo of Tom Worthington

Informal photo of Tom Worthington

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