Kuala Lumpur 2008

Technology and Travel

by Tom Worthington



A few weeks travel started in Kuala Lumpur with a conference at the Malaysian Securities Commission and one at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Also there was some general tourism. You can read the items I posted along the way and below are some general comments and photos.

Kuala Lumpur Central Markets

Kuala Lumpur Central Markets

The central markets is an old art deco building, originally housing a produce market converted into handcrafts and tourist shops.

Petronas Towers

Petronas TowersPetronas Towers by Night

I was prepared to be disappointed by the Petronas Towers, but by noght and day they were impressive. In the afternoon sun the metal covering of he building sparkeled and at night the building glowed. Of course this is a waste of energy and resources, but it looks good. The base of the touwsers has a large shopping center and is connected by pedistrian underpasses.

KL Metro

KL MetroView out front of KL Metro over cab

KL's Metro is automated. If you look carefully at the photo you will see two Buddhist monks, who appear to be driving the train. In fact this is a front passenger window, which gives a view down the track. Driving controls for manual operation of the train are hidden behind panels below the window.

KL Monorail

KL MonorailVKL Monorail Terminus

KL's Monorail is more useful than Sydney's but still not a viable urban transport system. It does not help that the track ends in mid air a few hundred metres from the mail transit hub.

KL Buddhist Monastery

KL Buddhist MonasteryFan at Buddhist MonasteryKL Terraces and SkyscrapersKL River

A Buddhist Monastery on a festival day is an entertaining place. There are people lighting candles and incense, making donations, praying and eating. Cooling is provided by fans with water sprays. The housing around the temple ranges from two story red tiled terraces to skyscraper apartment blocks. The rivers of KL have suffered in the process, being turned into concrete drains.

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