Sydney to Nimbin - Big Things

Hi-tech tourist by Tom Worthington

Created: 23 December 1996 - As at 5 January 1997

Big Oyster at Taree1 Big Axe at Kendall2 Inflatable Santa at Maksville3 Big Bunch of Bananas at Sawtell4 Big Banana at Coffs Harbour5 Giant Kolas at the Coffs Harbour Zoo6 Concrete Elephants at on Indian Restaurant at Wolgoolga7 Big Prawn at Ballina8 Nimbin Main Street9
Coffs Harbour to Brisbane
  1. Big Oyster at Taree
  2. Big Axe at Kendall
  3. Inflatable Santa at Maksville
  4. Big Bunch of Bananas at Sawtell
  5. Big Banana at Coffs Harbour
  6. Giant Kolas at the Coffs Harbour Zoo
  7. Concrete Elephants at the Raj Mahal Indian Restaurant at Woolgoolga
  8. Big Prawn at Ballina
    Map Sydney to Coffs Harbour
  9. Nimbin - Main Street

From 21-22 December 1996 I travelled from Sydney to Brisbane by car, up Highway One - the Pacific Highway coastal road.From temperate Sydney to Sub-Tropical Brisbane.

As I went along I started to notice curious giant statues at tourist attractions. After passing several I got out the digital camera and started snapping.

The photos were mostly taken from the side of the highway in a hurry. The locations and names are approximate.

The maps were generated using Map Quest's Internactive Atlas.

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