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Serious Business on the Internet

The view from Canberra

by Tom Worthington, President of the Australian Computer Society

Friday 24 May 1996

9:00am to 12:30pm, Novotel Langley, Perth

Announcement & Summary

Tom Worthington Tom Worthington will demonstrate several Internet based applications from major Australian companies and government agencies. He will illustrate how organisations are using the Internet as a strategic component of their business, and it's wider implications for longer term planning. Tom will outline the up-to-minute developments in on-line policy and implementation by the Commonwealth Government. He will also details the steps Australian private and public organisations need to take to have a stake in the global information industry. Having appeared before a number of Parliamentary and Government enquiries into regulation of the Internet, Tom can discuss the outcomes of likely policy decisions and what they mean to Government, Industry and Commerce.

About the speaker

Tom Worthington is National President of the Australian Computer Society and Deputy Director, Information management Planning, Australian Department of Defence. Tom is co-author of the ACS InfoBahn Policy, the Defence Representative on the Commonwealth Internet Reference Group and has been described by Information Age magazine as one of the 50 most influential IT&T people in Australia.

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Internet applications from Australian organisations

Internet as a strategic weapon

Commonwealth Government on-line policy and implementation

Australia's stake in the global information industry

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