Universal Service?

Telecommunications Policy In Australia and People with Disabilities

By Michael J Bourk

Edited by Tom Worthington.


AADAustralian Association of the Deaf
ACEAustralian Communication Exchange
ALRCAustralian Law Reform Commission
ATUGAustralian Telecommunications Users Group
BTCEBureau of Transport and Communication Economics
CDSCommonwealth Disability Strategy
CSDACommonwealth and State Disability Agreement
CSOCommunity Service Obligation
CTNConsumers' Telecommunications Network
DDADisability Discrimination Act
DACADisability Advisory Council of Australia
DFSHDepartment of Family Services and Health
DHSCDepartment of Health and Social Security
DOCADepartment of Communications and the Arts
DPI (A)Disabled Peoples' International (Australia)
DSADisability Services Act
DSSDepartment of Social Security
GBEGovernment Business Enterprise
HREOCHuman Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
IDCInterdepartmental Committee
IYDPInternational Year of Disabled Persons
NACHNational Advisory Council of the Handicapped
NFBCANational Federation of Blind Citizens of Australia
NRS National Relay Service
RSTSReview of Standard Telephone Service
STSStandard Telephone Service
TACCsTelecom Australia Consultative Councils
TCATelecommunications Act
TCCsTelstra Consultative Councils
USOUniversal Service Obligation

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Copyright © Michael J Bourk & Tom Worthington 2000.