Suggested plan

City Edge Apartment

by Tom Worthington

One bedroom unit at the City Edge development in O'Connor, Canberra. Photographs from an inspection 11 December 2001:

North side looking east1 Common property looking east2 Dining and kitchen area3 Kitchen4 Kitchen Pantry5 Bedroom Window View6 Bedroom Wardrobe Shelves7 Telecommunciaitons Box in Bedroom8 Bathroom9 Balcony view to north10 Balcony view to north east11 Ceiling light balcony12 Stairs13 Car park14 Storeroom15

  1. North side looking east
  2. Common property looking east
  3. Dining and kitchen area
  4. Kitchen
  5. Kitchen Pantry
  6. Bedroom Window View
  7. Bedroom Wardrobe Shelves
  8. Telecommunications Box in Bedroom
  9. Bathroom
  10. Balcony view to north
  11. Balcony view to north east
  12. Ceiling light on balcony
  13. Stairs
  14. Car park
  15. Storeroom

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