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The ACS, the Internet and the InfoBahn

Prepared by Tom Worthington
Director, Community Affairs Board

Copyright (c) Australian Computer Society, 1995

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Cover of Book: Computing in 
Australia, ACS 1994

Computing in Australia

History of Computing in Australia (and the ACS)

Written and edited by Australia's computing pioneers (and the founders of the ACS):
From the time the first computer program ran on the Mark l at CSlR (now CSIRO) in late 1949, Australian science and industry has been at the forefront of the development of information technology, and of applying it widely throughout Australian society.

Available from technical book stores and the ACS.

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The Internet

Any collection of interconnected computer networks.

The Internet
A global interconnection of computer networks, using Internet (IP) protocols.

Internet Protocols (IP)
A set of technical standards for computer communications on the Internet. Also commonly known as TCP/IP.

Internet features

AARNet (Australian Academic and Research Network)

Internet services
Global data communications, for other services to use

The Web
Internet Users
Internet to InfoBahn

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The Information Superhighway (InfoBahn)

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Vision for a Networked Nation

ACS public interest submission to:

Available at URL: & Abstract at URL:

Information infrastructure for Australia

Internet model
Not telephone or broadcasting model
Public policy measures are identified
Social equity, multi-media literacy and network civil rights

Public Interest Protection

universal access to a basic level of service
for consumers, community groups, incorporated associations and small businesses
civil rights


Co-ordination - sponsorship

Government Measures

government agency participation
make sure intellectual property laws enhance creativity

Government Regulations

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ACS/ACCE Computers in Schools discussion paper

Main points:

Paper available at: URL:

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Censorship in Cyberspace

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ACS Submission on computer games regulation

Made to chief censor 20 July 1993: Methods of regulation discussed:

Available at:

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Senate BBS regulation submission

Draft report ACS & EFA joint task force on "Freedom in Cyberspace"

Set up in February 1995 to respond to Government BBS report and advise ACS and EFA on action.


  1. Government BBS Task Force report be published electronically immediately.
  2. Reject government report recommendations as technical naive.
  3. Open a dialogue on the Internet between government and on-line community.
  4. Adopt "Information Carrier" guidelines.
  5. Law on liability put responsibility on originator, not information carriers.
  6. Encourage Internet software authors to provide parental control of children's access.
  7. Encourage system administrators to establish complaints mechanism.


Invited networking community to suggest the "best" and the "worst" of the Internet. To display a selection of this material on-screen Tuesday 4 April.


Request a transcript of seminar to be made available on the Internet.

Public seminar:

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