Learning to Reflect: Notes for a course module

These are the student and instructor notes for the learning module "Learning to Reflect":

  1. 0.1 3 February 2019 for COMP8714
  2. 0.2 13 February 2019
  3. 1.0 June? 2019
  4. 1.1 27 June 2019
  5. 2.0 13 August 2019 for COMP3500, COMP3550, COMP3710, COMP4500, and COMP8715
  6. 2.1 9 November 2019, with minor corrections
  7. 3.1 9 November 2020. Converted from blended to online delivery due to COVID-19 closing campuses.
  8. 4.1 23 February 2021. Blended delivery option added for possible return to campus after COVID-19. Small workshop exercises added for 2% each in place of quizzes and forums. Assignment 1 dropped. Optional student log added.
  9. 5.0 19 August 2021. Hybrid delivery option added for dual delivery in a classroom and online at the same time (COVID-19 lock-down in Canberra resulted in a return to online only for Workshop 1). Two more workshops added, one with an extra 2% exercise. Workshops 2 & 3 are preceded by the inagural ANU Computing Showcase with presentations by celebrity alumni talking about their careers. The logbook was dropped due to lack of use.
  10. 6.0 20 February 2024. Titles of the three workshops were changed in February 2024 (without substantial change to the content). Learning outcomes were updated in February 2023, to reflect changes in Techlauncher.

For more information, see "Learning Module for Teaching Students to a Write Job Application". Also the presentation "A Job Application as the Capstone for Work Integrated Learning", for the Singapore Institute of Technology, November 2022. Also "Designing for online, blended and synchronous learning for computing students", December 2022.

This material is by Tom Worthington, under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license, except where sources are quoted. Students of the ANU TechLauncher program (which includes the courses COMP3500, COMP3550, COMP3710, COMP4500, and COMP8715), should refer to the version provided by the university. A Moodle backup file including all course materials, and quiz questions, is available to instructors on request, from the author.