Tom Worthington at Mallacoota

To: ACS Members

From: Tom Worthington MACS

Request for support for election as ACS President or Vice-President

ACS members have spent too long in closed rooms telling each other how professional they are. IT is now of interest to the whole community. It is time to go out to the IT profession, other organisations, Government, and the general community to demonstrate how professional we are.

This is to request your support for my election as President or Vice-President of the Australian Computer Society. Mr. Peter Talty, Director of the ACS Marketing Board, nominated me for the positions and I have the support of my Branch. Details of my background and experience are attached.

If elected I would propose to continue the reforms of the ACS structure and operations already under way. However I believe that the organisation is in relatively good shape and we need to direct our efforts outwards; to promote the ACS to members, potential members, the IT industry and the general community. This should now be the priority, rather than internal organisational reforms.

During my term as Director of the ACS Community Affairs Board, the Society has taken the leadership role on the development of public policy for the so called "Information Superhighway". This has included the preparation of ACS submissions to Government, evidence before parliamentary enquires and extensive media comment. Many of the issues tackled are difficult public policy matters and have required delicate handling. By making a practical contribution on these issues the ACS has gained an enhanced reputation with to the Australian community and the IT profession.

In my work for the Department of Defence I have been involved in the preparation of IT policy for Government, as well as technical projects. This has involved balancing the need for procedures, consultation and consensus with pioneering, leadership and innovation.

If elected I will apply this experience to a boarder leadership role, presenting the ACS position, to the members, the industry and the community.

Some minor reforms to the ACS operations are still needed:

I would particularly like to remove the administrative burden from our volunteer workers and to incorporate networking into the basic operations of the ACS. These can be complementary activities; with ACS administrative support being provided over a new, enhanced ACSlink service. We can eliminate much of the paperwork which encumbers ACS volunteers and to make electronic distribution of documents and publications an option, for all those members who want it.

I would welcome your comments and your support for my election. Attached is an electronic form with which you can express your support, or you can send e-mail to my ACSlink address ( Your Branch's representative will be voting on these positions at the ACS National Council meeting 22 September.

Tom Worthington MACS
11 September 1995

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