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In June 2004 I made a two week visit to Europe, starting at Cambridge and then travelling to Brussels, Berlin and Hamburg by the Eurostar, Thalys and ICE high speed trains. Along the way and rode around several cities on a small folding bicycle.

This is a technical travelogue, in the style of my book Net Traveller.

ICE Interior

The German ICE high speed train looks fatter and more business like that the elegant french TGV. Inside it seems a bit bigger.

Schwebebahn suspended monorail at Wuppertal

Taking photos from the window of a train is frustrating at the best of times. But on a high speed train is it very difficult. Somehow I managed to get a photo of the Schwebebahn suspended monorail as we passed Wuppertal in Germany.

ICE Information Kiosk

The ICE has an on-board information kiosk where you can check and print train timetables.

DB Rental Bicycle

All around Berlin there are DB (German Railways) "Call a Bike" rental bicycles ready to be used.

German Technical Museum Engine Sheds

The German Technical Museum in Berlin has a very large collection of locomotives housed in this engine shed.

Berlin Trams

Berlin has a large fleet of modern trams (light rail). Some have five carriages. This photo was taken at Friedrichstrasse Station, which is more than 100 years old, on the river and was the main border control point on the Berlin Wall. Just over the river, where the trams are heading is the quirky Heart of Gold Hostel.

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