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In June 2004 I made a two week visit to Europe, starting at Cambridge and then travelling to Brussels, Berlin and Hamburg by the Eurostar, Thalys and ICE high speed trains. Along the way and rode around several cities on a small folding bicycle.

This is a technical travelogue, in the style of my book Net Traveller.


Bahnhof Potsdamer Platz (Potsdamer Place Station)

Lehrter Bahnhof Station

The redeveloped Potsdamer Platz has a very large entry to a very large underground station. The complex it is attached to still seems not quite finished and on an uncomfortably large scale. The new Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Lehrter Bahnhof or Berlin Central Station) near the Parliament is on an even larger scale and is also was not quite finished.

Zoo Station

On a more human scale the ICE stops at Zoo Station, which has low cost accommodation right next to the tracks at A&O Hostel am Zoo. They have a deck overlooking the tracks, which is good for train spotters, but a bit noisy for anyone else.

ICE in Hamburg


The ICE runs into the center of Hamburg.

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