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  1. Olympic Web Case

Web Site and the Disabled: The SOCOG Olympic Web Case

A good way to learn about web site design is to analyze the design of existing web sites. How difficult is it to find the web site using a web search engine? How quickly do the pages of the site download? Are the pages viewable on a wide range of web browsers? Is the sponsor and purpose of the site purpose of the site clearly stated? Does the content match the purpose? Is it easy to navigate? These may seem like obvious desirable features for any web site, but are too frequently overlooked.

In August 2000 the Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games was found to have engaged in unlawful conduct by providing a web site which was to a significant extent inaccessible to the blind. How was an analysis of the content of such a large web site carried out? What features were looked for? How was the impact of changes to the site estimated?

See: Making an Accessible and Functional Website for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Tom Worthington FACS HLM, For the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Official Website Preliminary Strategy Plan Symposia, Beijing, 3 to 5 November 2003, 1 November 2003.

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