Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Movie designs better than the real thing?

Last Saturday I attended a talk by Gavin Tyrrell (aka "IronGav") on "designing for screen". This was organized by the Centre for New Media Arts at ANU and held ay the National Museum of Australia.

X-35 ScreenGavin described the process for producing the images on computer screens in the movie "Superman Returns". One scene which got my attention was a fictional X-35 fighter jet tracking superman. The radar cockpit display was shown. Gavin explained that they developed this display from information for the real X-35 aircraft, but made it look more dramatic than the real thing for film use.

The X-35 was the prototype of the real F-35 aircraft, which Australia is considering buying. The Australian Defence Department has asked for input from University researchers on developing the F-35.

It occurred to me that not only computer scientists, but digital artists might assist, by designing the cockpit displays in the real aircraft. The skills used to quickly tell a story visually in a film could be used to quickly convey information to a pilot.

I suggested this at a talk I gave at the Australian Defence Force Academy on Monday on how to podcast from the F-35.



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