Thursday, December 07, 2006

ACS Digital Library: First Journal On-line

I wrote 22 November 2006:
The ACS Digital Library is now on-line ... <> ...
The first electronic edition of AJIS is now on-line at <>.

This features a survey of the Information Systems Discipline in Australian Universities, with a papers by: Guy Gable, Roger Clarke, Shirley Gregor, Edward Lewis, Craig McDonald, Jim Underwood, Paula Swatman, Mike Metcalfe, Graham Pervan, and John Campbell.

I have modified the web format of the digital library at the suggestion of the AJIS Editor:
  • MENU ON RIGHT: I removed the left menu and put its contents in the sidebar on the right. The main contents now have an extra 15% of the screen. To avoid changing templates I did this just using CSS. So it may need further adjustment. Please advise if it looks odd on your screen.
  • TEXT ONLY ADS: Despite my telling to just put up ads for computer books and products, it was offering saucepans, novels and toilet seat locks. This was not in keeping with the dignity of a scholarly publication, so I have replaced it with a simple list of product topics of my devising. If I can work out why it was not displaying just computer books, I will try again.
  • READING TOOLS: I switched on all the reader tools options when I set up the system. Some seem to just waste space. So I have now turned off "print version" as this gives a result little different to the screen version. I turned off the "related items" as these were not working and seemed a bit of a gimmick anyway (they just do a Google type search of the web looking for words you select from an article).
ps: Philosophy behind the ACS Digital Library:

I am still not sure how to include metadata about the authors of articles, so that we can fulfill Evan Arthur's wishlist for DEST and have all the papers searchable by institution:

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