Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bending Bike Broke Again: Hinge break on a folding bicycle

Broken hinge on Dahon folding bicycleThe steel hinge on my Dahon "Boardwalk 6", 6 speed 20" 2003 model folding bicycle broke. I was attempting to fold the bicycle and was having difficulty, so I pushed a bit harder and the bolt broke in half.

In retrospect I realize should have stopped when I was meeting resistance and adjusted the bolt, as per the instruction manual.

I have put it into the local bicycle shop to see if they can fix it. They can probably make a replacement part fairly easily, but are first checking to see if the supplier has a replacement part.

This is the second breakage I have had with the bicycle. The frst was much more serious, when the frame broke in half while I was riding it. The frame was replaced under warranty and I was very happy with the result.

The bicycle has been across Australia and Europe on planes, trains and automobiles,with relatively few problems.

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