Friday, April 27, 2007

Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Via Canberra

Beijing Olympic TorchThe Beijing 2008 Olympic committee has announced the route for the torch relay. It will go from Athens via Jakarta to Canberra and then Nagano on its web to Beijing. According to news reports, the torch is expected in Canberra on 24 April 2008.

There is a new web site just for the torch relay. The new web site is simpler in design than the main 2008 Olympic site. I will be talking about web design for the Beijing 2008 Olympics at the 2007 China Media Centre Conference in July.

There is a new design released for the torch:
The torch is 72 centimetres high, weighs 985 grams and is made of aluminium. The torch is of a curved surface form, with etching and anodizing being used during its production. A torch can usually keep burning for approximately 15 minutes in conditions where the flame is 25 to 30 centimetres high in a windless environment. ...

From: Key facts about Beijing Olympic Torch, BOCOG, the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of XXIX Olympiad, 2007-04-26
The gimmick for the Sydney 2000 torch relay was one that burnt underwater and was carried by a diver on the Great Barrier Reef (different to the other torches used). This time it will be to take the torch up Mount Everest. I would be happy to pedal around Beijing with it, if that would help. ;-)

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