Friday, May 18, 2007

Writing for the web course: request for comment

Next Wednesday I am presenting a one day course on "Writing for the web" to about two dozen people from local government. I would appreciate any comments, corrections and suggestions The outline for the course is online. You need to log in as a "guest" in the Tomw Communications On-line Learning System (just a fancy name for a standard implementation of Moodle).

So far I have prepared the outline and exercises. The next step is to take the content I normally present to university students, trim out the technical stuff and add a little more on writing.

The idea is to use a similar format and content to the course I ran in Samoa for the International Council for Museums.

I am using Moodle for assembling the material, although initially this is intended as a face-to-face course, not an online one. This is my first attempt at Moodle and it has gone well overall. The only problem I have had was with a very long URL which the Moodle HTML editor refused to accept and gave an obscure error message for.



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