Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Business of IT

Last night Dave Thomas presented "IT as a Business" at the ACS in Canberra. He talked about what IT people needed to do to go into business. He nominated 457 visas as something which needed streamlining by the federal government to help ICT business.

Dave is giving the talk around Australia: Adelaide 15 October, Melbourne 17 October, Wollongong 29 October, Sydney 30 October, Brisbane 14 November, Darwin 15 November, and Perth 20 November.
Dave Thomas has run the gamut in the world of business and in our last Education across the Nation series for 2007, shares the secrets to creating and building a successful business - not from a textbook, but from real life experience! ...

Dave Thomas is the founder and Managing Director of Consultants Exchange (CXC), a global IT contractor management company. He started his career in accounting and seconded to ICT area where he spent the next 35 years as a contractor and entrepreneur. Also founder of Softpac and dave is also a member of the Australian Computer Society (MACS), a founding member of Australian Contract Professions Management Association (ACPMA) and Associate Member of the Inofrmartion Technology Contract Recruiters Association (ITCRA).

From: IT as a Business, ACS 2007.

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