Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hybrid automatic transmission for Australian cars

German company ZF have announced a modular eight speed hybrid automatic transmission. The significance of this is that a hybrid petrol or diesel electric car can be produced by adding the transmission in place of a regular transmission. A mild hybrid can be produced by using a crankshaft starter generator (essentially a beefed up starter motor), which will provide an electric boost for the engine. Or a larger electric motor can be used to produce a true parallel hybrid (with bother or either electric and internal combustion engines powering the vehicle). ZF transmissions are used in some upmarket models of Australian made cars, so these could be upgraded to hybrid.

The new 8-speed automatic transmission has a modular design that will allow it to be used in tandem with various drivelines without having to adapt the basic transmission concept. It is particularly versatile when it comes to hybrids: a mild hybrid drive can be adapted with the addition of a crankshaft starter generator or a full hybrid system can be integrated as a parallel hybrid drive – both options regardless of the available space. Alternatively, the 8-speed automatic transmission can be combined with a hydrodynamic cooled clutch or an integrated starting clutch. In terms of power take-off, it can be used with all standard ZF all-wheel systems. ...

From: Hybrid transmissions, ZF, 14.09.2007

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