Thursday, January 24, 2008

Articulation for online courses

One of my more pleasant duties is to oversee the Australian Computer Society's Computer Professional Education Program. This is an online course for people who already have a degree in ICT but need to know about business, project management and the like. One issue is that because the course is entirely done via the Internet, will anyone take it seriously? One way to get an indication of that is via Articulation: universities who give credit for the CPEP course. So far three Australian universities do this with their Graduate Diploma and Masters courses in IS/IT:

Australian Catholic University

The Master of Information Systems suite of courses seeks to provide a relevant, innovative program to address the need for Information Systems professionals to upgrade their qualifications. The pace of technological change demands the provision of short, flexible periods of education through which professionals can update and maintain their skills and receive thorough industry preparation. To this end, course content is designed to meet industry demands by combining standard and specialist units of advanced study. The course emphasises the development of software, systems and management skills in the context of contemporary organisational environments.

Students must meet normal course entry and English language requirements for acceptance into these courses.

Post Graduate Diploma of Information Systems40 credit points (of 80 in total)
Master of Information Systems40 credit points (of 120 in total)
Master of Information Systems (Advanced)40 credit points (of 160 in total)

Awards through Central Queensland University

Modern businesses require people who have a knowledge of people, technology and organisations. Learn about all three and position yourself for a rewarding and stimulating career.

The term “information systems” is used instead of computing to indicate that we are interested in the use of computer technology in business – not just the technology itself. Studies have shown that employers seek people with interpersonal and communications skills as well as computing skills.

Career opportunities for graduates in these programs can find employment as system analyst managers, software engineers, database administrators, EDP auditors, network administrators, end-user support professionals, consultants, company managers, public sector managers and education roles.

The graduate suite of programs are designed for individuals seeking to upgrade their knowledge and qualifications in information technology and information systems processes and management. With n this highly relevant framework, graduates are well prepared to contribute to future information and economic growth while enhancing their individual advancement opportunities.

Graduate Diploma of Information Systems Management6 subjects (ACS 3)
Master of Information Systems12 subjects (ACS 3)
Master of Information Technology 12 subjects (ACS 3)

Home page:

Articulation details:

Curtin University of Technology

The Master of Commerce (Information Systems) and Postgraduate Diploma in

Commerce (Information Systems) degrees are designed for IS and IT professionals who want to increase their knowledge and skills in the management and strategic application of information systems and ICTs in competitive, intelligent and global business environments.

The programs are flexible and allow students to choose from a broad range of subject areas, including strategic information systems, business IT management, knowledge management, programming, web services and architecture, database mining, problem solving, computer forensics, Internet security and cyberwarfare. The Master of Commerce also includes a significant supervised research project, which can be tailored to suit each individual student’s interests.

Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (Information Systems)200 credits (100 ACS)
Master of Commerce (Information Systems) 400 credits (100 ACS)

From: Articulation, ACS, 2008

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