Thursday, January 10, 2008

Designing Sustainable Schools

Cover of the book Designing the Sustainable School By Alan FordWhile looking for class room designs, I came across the book Designing the Sustainable School, by Alan Ford. This shows 45 schools around the world, with photographs and plans, plus a few paragraphs on their use of sustainable techniques for reduced energy, water and materials:
This book presents a survey of K-12 schools from around the world that combine the best in aesthetics, sustainability, and high-performance design. K-12 school construction currently represents one of the largest sectors of new construction of any building type. Considering rising energy costs and concerns for the environment, there has never been more attention focussed on the need to design schools responsibly. It highlights the work that the best architects are doing to respond to those needs while still creating beautiful schools for enhanced learning. Author Alan Ford has designed more than 75 K-12 schools projects, and with a longstanding commitment to sustainability and a passion for architecture, he is perfectly positioned to present this illuminating collection of sustainable school projects from around the world. This colourful book is a compendium of ideas illustrating how some very talented architects and committed facility planners are meeting the challenge of creating better schools.
Most of the schools are in the USA, but five are in Europe, four in Australia, two in Africa and one in Japan and India:
  1. Chum Creek Outdoor Education Centre, Australia
  2. St Leonards College Sustainability Centre, Australia
  3. Mawson Lakes School, Australia
  4. Woodleigh School Science Building, Australia
  5. Primary School, Burkina Faso
  6. The Anglo-American School - Sofia, Bulgaria
  7. American International School of Chennai, India
  8. Hakuou High School, Japan
  9. The International School, The Hague, The Netherlands
  10. Trias VMBO School, The Netherlands
  11. The Business Academy, Bexley, UK
  12. Capital City Academy, Brent, UK
  13. Alexander Dawson Lower School, USA
  14. Alpharertta High School, USA
  15. Ash Creek Intermediate School, USA
  16. Aspen Middle School, USA
  17. Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, USA
  18. Berkeley Montessori School, USA
  19. Cesar Chavez Elementary School - Long Beach Unified School District, USA
  20. Clackamas High School, USA
  21. Cottage Lake Elementary School, USA
  22. Discovery Canyon campus, USA
  23. Druk White Lotus School, India
  24. Eagle Rock Elementary School, USA
  25. Ebenezer Trust School Campus and Orphanage, USA
  26. Fossil Ridge High School, USA
  27. Francis Rarker School, USA
  28. Hector Garcia Middle School, USA
  29. Hector Godinez High School - Santa Ana Unified School District, USA
  30. High School for the Visual and Performing Arts, USA
  31. Holten-Richmond Middle School, USA
  32. Lick-Wilmerding High School, USA
  33. Mead Middle School Gymnasium, USA
  34. Newark Science Park High School, USA
  35. Phelps Academy Center, Phillips Exeter Academy, USA
  36. Rosa Parks School, USA
  37. Sidwell Friends Middle School, USA
  38. Solana Pacific Elementary School, USA
  39. The Dalles Middle School, USA
  40. West Brazos Junior High School, USA
  41. West Columbia Elementary School, USA
  42. The Willow School, USA
  43. WMEP Interdistrict Downtown School, USA
  44. Woodward Academy Middle School, USA
  45. Esther Eastman Music Center, Hotchkiss School, Zambia

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