Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Toyota Prius Hybrid Sydney Taxi

Prius Sydney Taxi
In the streets of Sydney's inner west, I noticed a Toyota Prius hybrid car being used as a taxi. This makes sense as taxis spend a lot of their time traveling at low speed and in stop-start traffic, making best use of the electric motor of the hybrid system.

The NSW Taxi Council and Legion Cabs ran a 12-month pilot program using early models of the Prius in 2006/2007. The Prius was then approved for use as a taxi and hire car in November 2007.

However, a Prius has some disadvantages as a taxi, being smaller than the cars usually used and a hatchback, not a sedan. Also the Prius' lack of boot space, and only a compact spare tire, would make it difficult to convert to LPG (autogas). Because of government incentives, LPG is cheaper than petrol and so a petrol Prius may not be more economical than an LPG car. At least one test car has been converted.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid might make a better taxi. The
New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) offers advice on how to install the meter. The Australian Government is seeing if the hybrid Camry be built in Australia. Toyota has has some LPG compatible vehicles. So a hybrid LPG Camry made in Australia is possible.

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