Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lenticular printing for low energy moving images

Simulated lenticular moving picture from Outer AspectLenticular printing provides a low energy, low cost alternative to digital displays for some applications. These are the moving magic pictures used on some post cards and luggage tags. They can now be printed at low cost using digital techniques using software on a home PC. There are print bureaus which specialize in making these images for everything from small stickers up to movie posters.

These are sometimes called "Lenticular holograms", "moving pictures", "3d pictures" or "3d holograms" but they are not genuine holograms or 3d pictures. Several images are combined together and printed on a sheet. A sheet of plastic over the image has ridges on it to obscure all but one image. As you move your head a different image is displayed, making the image appear to move.


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