Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fibreculture Journal on Convergence

The latest issue of Fibreculture Journal on the topic of "Convergence" is available with the full text of articles. Fibreculture is an online forum, series of conferences, books and a journal on new media arts, creative industries, education policy, culture and politics. At times I find the discussion almost incomprehensible, as the participants are talking language of the humanities, not science. But often it is informative, entertaining and occasionally insightful.

From the latest issue:
  1. Wirelessness as Experience of Transition
    Adrian Mackenzie
  2. A Contribution Towards A Grammar of Code
    David M. Berry
  3. The Politics of Podcasting
    Jonathan Sterne, Jeremy Morris, Michael Brendan Baker and Ariana Moscote Freire
  4. New Maps for Old?: The Cultural Stakes of '2.0'
    Caroline Bassett
  5. Repopulating the Map: Why Subjects and Things are Never Alone
    Teodor Mitew
  6. Proliferating Connections and Communicating Convergence
    Aylish Wood
  7. Making Games? Towards a theory of domestic videogaming
    Helen Thornham


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